Deterministic Omni-channel Marketing

Extend Inbox Intelligence into other channels

We bring the power of deterministic ID and unique behaviours of the inbox into both paid media channel and the offline world, through postal & OOH

Leverage esbconnect audience across the digital ecosystem

Inbox Social

Have the audience segments you used to use been redacted?

With many of the wall gardens reducing the targeting segments available, we allow you to use inbox intelligence to better target:

  • Pick from 130+ proprietary audience segments
  • Retarget email engagers in paid social
  • Increase match rate on your current audience segments
  • Build custom audiences & lookalikes from your CRM or email campaigns
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Solutions: Inbox Extend


Programmatically retarget Postal and Email campaigns

  • UK’s first addressable offline to online ID graph for acquisition targeting
  • Extend from direct mail to email, social and programmatic media
  • Reach 16m households or 17m consumers
  • Segment by 130 attributes
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