Deliver ROI by leveraging Inbox Intelligence

Our proprietary technology uses Inbox Intelligence to power omni-channel marketing, so you can target on a deterministic basis, at scale, across channels.

Proprietary Technology

Platform Highlights:

  • Sends over 1bn emails a year
  • Based on inbox engagements, appends intent and transactions against an individual
  • Maps historical IDs like cookies to an individual
  • Create audience segments on the fly which can be emailed or utlised in another channel
  • Onboard and cleans millions of email records daily
  • Fully handle all campaign management and scheduling for brands.

Data Driven Email: More leads from day one

Our email-powered customer acquisition platform which uses inbox Intelligence drives over 240 x better ROI compared to display. Delivering trackable, engaged leads to your site – not anonymous website visitors.

We’ll give you detailed reports on how your campaign is performing at every stage. With results like ours, we’re more than happy to.

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Understand your current customer to find your next best customer

The average Joe, doesn’t speak ad language, they don’t understand ATL, BTL, Channel activations or last click. But they do expect relevant content and a personalised journey.

Privacy is a greater concern for all, and without doubt, there is a cookieless future with greater emphasis placed on consent and transparency.

Brands that prosper, will be investing in understanding their customers and ensuring they have up-to-date and relevant data segments. esbconnect provides a suite of data products and believes any good acquisition campaigns, start from understanding who your customer is. Our data services include data cleaning and verification, data enrichment and appends, lookalike modelling and insights reports.

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Inbox Extend: Consistency across every channel

Wherever people go, their email addresses go with them. Use email everywhere and where you can’t use it , we connect email to legacy IDs like cookie and mobile data to allow you to use Inbox Intelligence in social and programmatic platforms.

Giving you opportunities to retarget your customer via email, social and display, and convert 22% more sales.

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CRM Builds: Your own active, opted-in audience

Our GDPR compliant proprietary database of million UK consumers is rigorously cleaned, verified, opted in, and overlaid with rich data on demographics and behaviours.

We want to do the same for you. Through our CRM builds we help you build a CRM base, creating a strategy, hosting a landing page and driving sign ups to it. Meaning your CRM base is filled with relevant consumers, which have been validated, enriched and nurtured.

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