Unlock Inbox Intelligence

Unlock Inbox Intelligence

Get the keys to millions of consumers and access the power of email inbox data as an acquisition channel.

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The power of the inbox

Alongside search & social, email is one of the most valuable data & delivery channels

Access Inbox Data to improve Omnichannel targeting

Use over 130 data attributes attached to an individual inbox to improve your omnichannel marketing

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Grow your CRM

Be the master of your own inbox intelligence with CRM growth product and benefit from validation and data enrichment.

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Our client retention speaks volumes, 75% have been with us for 5 years+

Deterministic Data

Engage new customers

With years of experience, we are one of the UK's largest consumer & B2B email data owners and a proprietary customer acquisition platform. We leverage a GDPR-compliant and fully-opted-in database of consumers & hundreds of data points on each email to enable brands to supercharge their data strategies across acquisition and retention.

We do this by helping brands better understand their current customers to help them acquire new customers more effectively. Then, by using our customer acquisition platform, we help brands extend their reach to millions of new customers and leverage our deterministic data and inbox intelligence. This can be via sending targeted emails to our database for a wide range of clients, helping a brand increase their CRM databases, or delivering unique email-enriched audiences to their paid media platforms or offline channels.

With a cookieless future, omnichannel marketing a must and consumers demanding personalisation across all touchpoints, email data is a brand's key to unlocking its marketing potential.

Data Driven Email Marketing

  • Millions of opted-in consumers
  • B2C, B2B and B2B2C data segments available
  • 130+ targetable audience segments
  • Comprehensive consumer privacy
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Deliver for 150+ brands
  • Full in-house delivery & creative team
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CRM Builds & Services

  • Develop & execute lead generation
  • Manage opt-in & privacy compliance
  • Lead nurturing
  • Dedupe against brand’s database
  • Manage email sends against leads
  • Implement CRM platform
  • CRM consultancy services
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Inbox Extend: Extend to Social, Programmatic, Postal and more

  • Extend hard to find audiences to social, programmatic and offline platforms
  • Access segments in platforms like Snowflake, The Trade Desk and Eyeota
  • Types: Static, Behavioral, Modelled
  • Proprietary to esbconnect
  • Platforms: DV360, Meta, LinkedIn, Eyeota, The Trade Desk, Offline – postal campaign and more.
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Our Data Integrity

We hold the highest standards for gaining explicit consent, auditing opt-ins & maintaining vigorous data hygiene processes under GDPR

No surprises that we are the preferred email partner for Experian and long standing members for the DMA’s email council


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