Customer acquisition. Powered by email.

Email is no longer just about Customer Relationship Management. Our solutions are designed to optimise customer acquisition through integrated multichannel marketing, driven by email.

 Email drives 66% of sales

 Email CTR 4% vs display 0.06%

 Monetise your data

We manage the largest, cleanest and most interactive email database in the UK, of 15 million opted-in individuals. That’s why clients who use our premium Marketplace platform see impressive average Open Rates of 25% and Click Through Rates of 5% (80x higher than average display Click Through Rates of 0.06%).

But we’re much more than email broadcasters. We are the only platform in the UK to use an individual’s email address as their unique digital ID. Allowing us to retarget all 15 million database individuals across all channels on their customer acquisition journey in real time, to convert more non-openers or site abandoners into customers for our clients. And it works; 22% of people are more likely to purchase after opening an email and being retargeted socially for example.

We believe this is nothing short of an customer identity-driven marketing revolution, powered by email.

Customer results

M&S case study / Email Switchboard
Case Study British Airways / Email Switchboard