We unlock the value of email data.
From building campaigns to monetising databases.

At ESBConnect, we’re your partners for taking advantage of everything an email address can offer, whether you’re an advertiser or a database owner.

Innovative design for more successful campaigns.

Our creative team creates, codes, and tests new email templates tailored to your brand and your audience.

As you’d expect, we’ll equip you with stylish, engaging designs for both mobile and desktop display. But our creativity goes even further, including truly interactive emails where consumers can explore products, complete forms and answer questionnaires – all in the email itself with no need to click through to your website.

Data Cleaning.
Achieving quality, not just quantity.

Most data owners can tell you the number of addresses they hold – but not the quality of that data.
Our Data Cleaning service starts with an in-depth audit of your data so you understand what you have and how active it should be. Then we’ll dig in to remove hard bounces, bad domains and spam traps to increase your deliverability – and, in turn, campaign performance.

Committed to best practices

We’re an active member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and comply with the ICO, the UK Data Protection Act (1998), and the EC European Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (2003).

Thoroughly cleansed data

We check all of our data for opt-in and ICO standards compliance. As data enters the main sending schedule, we’ll constantly monitor activity and remove unresponsive data from future sends to avoid spam.

Responsive unsubscribes and complaint handling

Unsubscribes are automatically processes by our platform to avoid sending after people have opted out. Any complaints are handled by our dedicated team with evidence of opt-in if applicable.

Data Monetisation.
Turn your data assets into real results.

If you’re a data owner, we can help you earn money for the information you hold – without compromising on control.

Just let us know your limitations on what can be sent to the data, how often it can be mailed, and even which days of the week it is mailed. We’ll pay you for the use of your data while treating it in the way you’d want.

We can even help if you don’t have opt-in. If your data has useful fields attached to it, we can take that information and apply it to our current database. Every time an advertiser uses your fields to target email addresses, you’ll earn a revenue share.