A platform purpose built for better engagement.

From acquisition to powerful retargeting.

Building relationships is just one part of what email can do. At ESBConnect, we’ve developed an innovative platform and engagement model to tackle the unique demands of customer acquisition and retargeting campaigns

Acquire and engage with new customers.
Through their only consistent online identifier. Their email.

Email addresses are a powerful constant as people use the internet. Our platform and expert campaign management team will help you reach and interact with the people behind those email addresses.
We provide two options: Performance for scale and Marketplace to target a custom email audience.


Achieve the widest reach with broad targeting options that filter our database of 15 million UK contacts.

We’ll help you meet high conversion targets within a set budget, with clear metrics like CPA (cost per action), CPL (cost per lead) and CPC (cost per click).

• High volume
• Broad targeting
• Average Open Rate: 9%
• Average Click Through Rate: 4%


Buy custom email audiences and reach them through email, display, social, video and mobile.

Marketplace is the easiest way to acquire new customers with precision targeting, then track the results of your interactions in real-time.

• Automated programmatic buying
• Real-time reporting
• Only pay for delivered emails
• Average Open Rate: 25%
• Average Click Through Rate: 7%

Retarget anonymous website visitors.
And get more from your marketing investment.

Around 90% of your website visitors won’t part with their data in the first instance – meaning a huge percentage of your marketing investment is spent at the first hurdle.

Comparing cookies and email addresses to our proprietary database of 15 million UK consumers, we’ll give you a way to identify those anonymous visitors, reach out to them with an email – and achieve around 22% more conversions per campaign.

Optimise and activate your own data.
To drive increased engagement.

As well as advertising, you can leverage our expertise, technology, and data to get more from the contacts you already have.

We’ll help you optimise your data, spotting spam traps and removing hard bounces. What’s more, with the advantage of our own database, we can see how active people are and whether your demographic data is accurate. All driving better segmentation for more sophisticated newsletter and trigger programs.

Run campaigns from the best data.
We do all the heavy lifting.

Your campaign success starts with data. From your targeting to your messaging, fit-for-purpose data is an essential foundation.

At ESBConnect, we’ll make sure every email address has the appropriate consent and is truly reachable – with no hard bounces, temporary email addresses, or inactive records. Our technology also selects audiences based on comprehensive consent and privacy policies, including those limited to certain verticals. As a result, you get more predictable results and can run your campaigns with confidence.

Proprietary technology for online advertising.
The only UK platform using emails as unique IDs.

While most email sending platforms focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the ESBConnect platform is focused on – and fully integrated with – the advertising ecosystem.

Behind the scenes, it’s sophisticated technology that uses email addresses as unique online identifiers, supporting multi-channel campaigns across numerous devices. With more accurate targeting, our technology makes content more relevant to consumers while making advertising spends go further.

Meanwhile, for advertisers, it’s a refreshingly transparent platform where you can select your audience by demographics or behaviours, set up a acquisition and retargeting campaigns, and view the results online quickly and easily.

It’s the best of both worlds: the scale of display, social and video with the precision of email.