How to build a bigger CRM database

BY Suzanna Chaplin

The bigger your CRM database is, the more people you will reach and engage with. Here are ten top tips for help you grow your database. #crm #marketing #email #emaillist #database #customerbase

Your customer relationship management (CRM) database is an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy, as it helps you get to know the people who might be buying from you. If you don’t keep adding to it, upgrading it and improving the quality of the data, you’ll quickly find your marketing falls on deaf ears and people stop engaging with you. So how do you acquire more email addresses and build a bigger CRM database? Here are just ten simple ideas to get you started.

Growing your CRM database is easy, when you use the right tactics. For more help in achieving that bigger database, esbconnect are the go-to team – simply get in touch today!
- By Suzanna Chaplin, CEO, esbconnect

Segment your email list

Instead of sending one blanket email to all your customers, you could try sending multiple emails. Break down your customer list into various groupings from similar demographics and send them an email which seems more relevant to them. They’re more likely to read it if the content feels personalised, and they’re less likely to disengage or unsubscribe.

Encourage sharing

Make sharing your emails easier for people, by adding social media and ‘email to a friend’ buttons. If they can share the content in one easy click or tap, chances are a greater number of people will do just that. Remember, a referral programme can be an incredibly powerful tool. As an incentive, you could offer a personalised voucher for every friend they recommend.

Provide ‘gated offers’

Create something like a free ebook which people can download by providing their email address. Put it on a landing page of your website where it will be seen by the most people, and really promote it across all social media platforms.

Host competitions

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Have a prize giveaway and encourage people to enter by providing their email addresses. You can see between a conversion rate of between 40% and 70% per competition. Just get in touch for a few case studies.

Exclusive vouchers

Vouchers tend to gain less traction than competitions, but you could still up conversion rates by 10%, and every email address gained helps build your database.

Ask for feedback

Make sure your website has a feedback form which includes a box for email addresses. Customers love giving feedback, good or bad, and they’re happy to part with their email address in order to do so.

Create a subscriber-only blog

Set up a blog which requires email subscriptions, but remember that the content you include must be interesting, relevant and worth people signing up for.

Host a contest

People can be very competitive when it comes to online contests. Whether it’s naming your new product or pitching a ‘best product concept wins’ event, get them to sign up and have their say.

Hold a webinar

Hold a webinar on an interesting subject and people will be willing to provide their email addresses in order to be in the audience. As with the blog, make sure it’s informative and relevant.

Refresh your email content

Perhaps it’s not that you’re not gaining enough new emails, but that you’re losing the ones you do have. If people are unsubscribing, it might be time for a revamp. Change the tone, change the format, change the images or links you include – whatever alterations you make, make them new and exciting.


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